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Sensational South Coast

Late in 2018 we opened an online business directory named Sensational South Coast, listing over 2000 local business and community groups, covering the region that encompasses Albany, Denmark, Mt Barker and Walpole.

With a strong focus on Buy Local and supporting local business, Sensational South Coast aims to bring more people to the region and encourage everyone here to use local goods and services where possible.

Directory listings are free and open to all local organisations. Featured business pages and display advertsing is also available if the business is local to the region. We do not accept outside advertisers.

Sensational South Coast also sells branded merchandise such as postcards, fridge magnets and such to tourist businesses to on-sell to visitors. Wholesale enquiries are welcome.

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Our tourist website has been renamed as Sensational South Coast. This gives us a new regional focus so we can better promote local businesses.

Existing contents and advertisers from have been transferred to the new site. You will need to update your bookmarks.

If you bookmarked the home page, you will be redirected automatically. If you bookmarked an internal page, you should go to, then find your page.

We no longer repair computers

Thanks all our past clients. Family Tech no longer repairs computers, or sells computer parts or accessories.